Wildlife on the Farm

Tree Kangaroo

Tree Kangaroo

Well this week has been a very interesting one with some amazing wildlife on the farm, it all started with a Tree Kangaroo in the tree down the back yard. It was the first time I had ever seen one close up. I can say that they are much bigger than I thought, this one was a female and was carrying a baby in its pouch I managed to get several pics of it. The next weird encounter was with a male King Parrot this Bird was amazing it all happened to quickly to get a camera as He came from nowhere and landed on our awning at the back of the house as i was standing underneath. He then hung upsidedown on the edge of the shade cloth to stare at me. From there He went to the water tank just nearby to check Me out some more it was a surreal experience as there was no fear in Him at all. Honestly this farm is a bit like the Enchanted Forest every day I am amazed by the tranquillity and how tame the animals seem to be.
Well on the farm animal side of things the Chickens are doing well the babies are now three weeks old and are growing really well. I have planted lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, corn, capsicums and Cucumbers this week and all are going extremely well in the hot house as it is still quite cold up here for this time of year. The hot house is really not to be heated just to keep the unwanted moisture off the garden during the rainy season.

A New Phase

DSCF0157.jpg2Today is the beginning of a new phase of Saldary’s Lifestyle and that is The natural and Mystical side of farmlife.
Recently My family and I have moved to a Farm. Now there has always been a Mystical side to me but the tranquility and the beautiful surroundings have made this part of me come to the fore. Now having grown up in a very remote area has given Me many of the smarts necessary to deal with the many things that farmlife may throw at you most of which just requires common sence and a strong resourceful Man. Both of which I am happy to say I have.
Now people think “oh you live on a farm, don’t you get bored”? Well let Me just say NO there is so much to do as I have 3 lots of Chickens to look after a vegetable garden which if you are serious about a self sufficient garden requires a lot of work to prepare the ground before planting and to keep it nourished while it grows. A compost bin is a must and with no rubbish collection there is the sorting of all household garbage all vegetable scraps go to the chickens while all animal products and animal manure and lawn clippings and trimmings go into the compost bin to decompose and make nutrient for the vege garden. Because of the wet climate in Far North Queensland the first thing that was needed for a successful garden was a weatherproof hot house to stop the garden becoming too wet during the months of rain that usually come around Christmas time and into the New Year. I am a firm believer in trying as much as possible to stay organic and this is very difficult with the many pests that come with the monsoonal rain. However so far so good everything seems to be going like clockwork.
I have found by using mulching hay it encourages small lizards to live among the seedlings and eat any bugs. Well that is an overview of the direction Saldary’s Lifestyle will be taking in the future. This does not mean that I will not be speaking My mind on any topic that inflames the writer in Me.

Offensive! “Please”



Offensive! “Please”. What is becoming of people? Listening to the News, Talk shows, Tv and radio in general, the question must be asked just what is with all the whining about absolutely everything. Today there was an outcry over the Prime Minister touching a disabled person on the head, all very innocent really but not when some over sensitive person decides that to them it is offensive! “Please”. How is this offensive? He touched Her head for crying out loud.
Then there are all the sports players who think that every time someone says something they don’t like it is Racist again I say “Please”. Stop thinking that the whole world is out to get you and get a backbone, despite the fact that you may think that everyone who has something unflattering to say is a racist. NEWS FLASH this is not so, it could be that White, Black or Brindle you do look different. Everyone is entitled to His or Her opinion. I don’t go screaming racist every time someone says something demeaning to me, try thinking outside the square and look for another reason rather than hiding behind race, disability or gender all the time. Everyday there is some new outraged person complaining about some perceived wrong. If you go around thinking that everything people say is directed at you because of your ethnic background, religion, colour or disability maybe you should get some proffessional help. Because “SURPRISE” people do say things that mean different things to different people and are most likely not directing their comments at YOU.
I am not so ignorant as to think that discrimination and racism do not exist but I do believe that to many people make too bigger deal about some things that are really very trivial.
In doing this when a real case comes along it is like the Boy who cried Wolf save your outrage for justified cases and don’t trivialise this serious problem.

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Port Douglas Ramada

beautiful Rooms

beautiful Rooms

Beautiful Rooms

Beautiful Rooms

Lovely waterfall into Pool

Lovely waterfall into Pool

Well friends i am sorry it has been so long since my last entry, it is safe to say that this year has not been dull. I have moved house to a beautiful part of the world called Ravenshoe on the Tablelands above Cairns the weather here is so mild compared with the humidity and heat of the coast.
Just before the Move I had the pleasure to go with a good Friend of mine for a night at the Ramada in Port Douglas I can highly recommend the service and the surroundings. Port Douglas if you are not familiar is North of Cairns and has some of the most picturesque beaches you will find anywhere. We stayed in a self-contained room that was well-appointed and newly renovated it was very quiet and peaceful however the one downside was the lack of a balcony of any kind so to sit outdoors you needed to go by the pool. wireless internet was available in this area free of charge great for travelers wanting to catch up with relatives back home. I have stayed in many top hotels in Cairns and thought the price was very good per night. In My opinion the pool area was by far the most sensible of any I have seen in tropical North Queensland the shade trees over the pool made the water much cooler and more inviting during the heat of the day. During our stay We had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful Gentleman called Michelle who has a Gift Shop in the main street of Port Douglas called Piccolo In Port situated at 19 Macrossan St in Port Douglas there are treasures galore to be found here and the prices are very reasonable, I found the range of gifts to be impressive to say the least, Michelle is so helpful you will be sure to find what you are looking for or something you just have to have. Well this sums up My trip to Port Douglas Ramada I hope this gives someone the idea to make the trip to Port Douglas as it is a must see destination in Queensland.

Room Pics taken by Netti.
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I used this image on My header.

Christmas Shopping Sites

OMG it’s Christmas! If this sounds like your reaction then this is for you. For the past 3 years now i have done all my christmas shopping online and never had a problem, a couple of things to look for are
1. Shop Australian look for sites that end in au.
2. Always check how the parcel is sent eg Australia Post is best.
3. Use Pay Pal as your prefered method of payment as not only is this a safe way to pay but you get a course of action. If your parcel does not arrive, they will get your money back for you.
4. This is also true with sites like Ebay if you sign up to Ebay your purchases are much more protected.
5. Some very good sites that sell lots of different things are www.oo.com.au , www.crazysales.com.au , www.quicksales.com.au , www.dealsdirect.com.au
I have used all of these sites and had the best service and all items were delivered promptly and in good condition.
If you start now you can have all your Christmas Shopping done in just a few days you don’t even need to know what you want to buy, these sites have everything you could want and you can get it without the Hustle and Bustle of Christmas Crowds.
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Bellini Stick Mixer Review

For anyone thinking of buying a Stick Mixer check out my Review. Recently i went shopping for a new stick mixer. After many stores with wildly different pricing I found the Bellini Stick Mixer set in Target, it was reduced from $139.00 to just $59.00 now I had looked at many different brands priced from $300.00 all the way down so I was not expecting a lot. But I though lets try it as it looked like a nice unit and had all the attachments you could ever want. When I got home I took it out of the box only to find that it looked exactly like the Russel Hobbs one that had been much more expensive. That night I made coleslaw with it and it is amazing very powerful and easy to clean, A truly great machine I would recommend this to anyone. I have had a few stick mixers and by far this is the best all of the machines that I have used in the past have been much less powerful than the Bellini. It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend big money to get good quality appliances a few years ago I purchased a Krups Stick Mixer was supposed to be the best on the market however it lasted about 2 days past the warranty and the motor burned out so I think for the price if this one lasts even 1 year I will have got my moneys worth.

Mechanical Problems

I wonder just how many Women out there find this same problem, Recently I had some car issues and needed to get some Mechanical work done to my now 23 year old Camry. I have spent so much money on this car in the last 10 years and it shows she looks as good today as 23 years ago. However I have the same problem no matter where I go Mechanics all treat it like an old car and repairs are never done properly and I am constantly returning time and again to get things fixed properly as they are of the opinion that because the car is not a “New” car that it is not worthy of the attention to detail that they lavish on someones BMW. However I usually pay cash and money is not the issue to me I would not care I just want the job done well as I will be keeping my car as this to me is much better than some plastic Car. I think life would be a lot easier if I had chosen to keep a Classic Car instead of a 1989 Camry but as a Small female it is not practical for me to have some over sized yank tank. Besides I love it and that is what matters to me.

Darwin Kidnapping Disgraceful

I just cannot believe this story! A Kidnapping from a womens shelters? What a disgrace where is the security. This guy was released on bail after a road rage incident with firearms involved in Queensland. This is amazing to say the least, Now this poor girl has been kidnapped from a place that she should of been safe.
It i completely ridiculous that there is no security at these Womens Shelters as most of the Women in them are escaping abusive Partners and a lot of these guys do not take no for an answer as this incident has proven.

This is just a Womans worst nightmare and the reason many of these Women go to these places are that they do not feel safe in their own homes and to be taken from a safe house is just unthinkable.

I feel so afraid for this poor girl as Men like this will stop at nothing to make sure their “Woman” does not get away This type of Crime involving the kidnapping of a spouse often does not end well. Someone must stand up to help Women in these abusive relationships as Many of them have their lives threatend every day and after this they will think twice about going to seek help as it is just not safe for them to do so.

I think there should be an overhaul of the Shelters Security after this incident so that other Women can feel safe. It is a terrible thing to be frightend 24/7 and No Woman should need to feel this.
I pray that Monique will be found alive.

My Knight

This is a Poem that I wrote about the Man who helped me through a very tough stretch.
I was in a place to dark to see
When my Shining Knight did rescue me,
He made me see the sun was bright,
He helped me learn what life was like,
Gave me freedom like never before,
Believed in me and thats for sure,
I feel such love you may never know,
For without my Knight I could never grow,
For the gift of life I can never repay,
But together forever we will stay.

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What’s with Fashion?

Could someone please enlighten me as to where this current trend of cutoff denim shorts with the pockets that hang lower than the legs has sprung from. Now I have looked at online fashion blogs and websites but I must of missed the “Dress like a homeless person” site because so many Gen Y girls have found it and absolutely nailed that look perfectly.

This look says nothing to me but Cheap. Some of these girls have Model bodies however dressed in this Daggy attire look like cheap Hookers. I have to wonder what their Mothers are wearing to set an example, if this is the way they think it is acceptable to look. I have seen some beautifully dressed young girls however the worry I have is that these are the exeption rather than the rule.

It seems to me that we are breeding a generation of Bogans that have no regard for Fashion or good taste in a few years what will our Fashion Industry be like, Hopefully there will be enough young Girls who can tell the difference between Rubber and Leather and learn that thongs belong on the beach only and are not a fashion accessory but indeed Beachware. I realize there is a certain amount of rebelion in the way Young people dress however I would have thought that this would have worn off by the time they are 25. Please take a look at yourself in the Mirror before you leave the house to go to the Mall, If you look as though you have been attacked by a savage animal then maybe rethink your choice of Clothing.