Bellini Stick Mixer Review

For anyone thinking of buying a Stick Mixer check out my Review. Recently i went shopping for a new stick mixer. After many stores with wildly different pricing I found the Bellini Stick Mixer set in Target, it was reduced from $139.00 to just $59.00 now I had looked at many different brands priced from $300.00 all the way down so I was not expecting a lot. But I though lets try it as it looked like a nice unit and had all the attachments you could ever want. When I got home I took it out of the box only to find that it looked exactly like the Russel Hobbs one that had been much more expensive. That night I made coleslaw with it and it is amazing very powerful and easy to clean, A truly great machine I would recommend this to anyone. I have had a few stick mixers and by far this is the best all of the machines that I have used in the past have been much less powerful than the Bellini. It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend big money to get good quality appliances a few years ago I purchased a Krups Stick Mixer was supposed to be the best on the market however it lasted about 2 days past the warranty and the motor burned out so I think for the price if this one lasts even 1 year I will have got my moneys worth.