Blog For Money – Can You Earn Money From Your Blog?

21311025159_image-preview.jpgBlogging is All the Rage These Days for a Number of Different Reasons. It’s Fun to be Able to Voice Your Opinions About Something or Share Information With People From All Over the World. However, You Should not Forget That the Vistors Who Look at Your Blog are Often Ready and Willing to Spend Some Money, as Well as Their Time. Here are a Few Methods You Can Use to Build Some Money From Your Blogging Activities:

Promote Advertising Space On Your Blog
Once you get to a relatively high level of traffic it’s a good idea to sell advertising spots on your blog. Companies are often willing to spend money on this form of advertisement and you can often make a good income with these direct deals. Better than you can by promoting an offer from an affiliate organisation that takes a cut, of your profits.
Place Your Ads Where Readers Can See Them
Owners of blogs will often make the mistake of placing a tiny affiliate link, somewhere on the blog. These will rarely get found by your readers and clicked on. You obviously don’t want to be annoying with your adverts, but if you have found something that is of value to your readers there is no reason not to display it in a prominent position so your visitors will see it and click on it. It’s hard to make money if no one knows you are selling something. Just ensure that any adverts you place on your blog are relevant to the topic of your blog.
Create Your Own Information Product
After you’ve had your blog up and running for a while, you will hopefully have developed a loyal following. People will begin to see you as an expert in your topic area and they will want to hear more of what you have to say. A good way to cash in on this is to look at creating your own e-book, videos, audio, or a combination of these. You can look at purchasing Private Label Rights (PLR) products that you can then modify, to do this. Just type “your blog topic PLR” into google, to find PLR products that you can buy and use as your own. Using PLR products is one way to make your own information product. Why re-invent the wheel, when the chances are someone has already done this work for you.
Build Your Own Subscriber List
Concentrate on building a list of people who are interested in your blog topic. You can do this by adding an autoresponder form to your blog, to allow interested readers to subscribe to a newsletter you create. Using this method you can tell your readers when you create new blog posts and let them know about other related products you think would be of interest. Once again relevance is is key. If you don’t want to create your own newsletter, then you use online companies like Elance, to outsource this task very in-expensively. This is an extract from the Free Blog For Money E-Course. If you are serious about earning money using blogging and would like to find out more about how you can blog for money go to