Break Free

Now I would like to explore the options should you be ready to reclaim your life and move on. Now this is much harder when Children are involved as their welfare must be the most important thing. Now we all have many excuses as to why not leave, these include How will we cope with no money? , We have nowhere to go , He will find us, If he finds out things will be worse. Ok stop there how much worse can it be all of these things can be overcome if you really want to, there are womens shelters, Lifeline are a confidential organization that will help with accomodation and food. Family are always willing to help My Mother had wished for the day that I would come to her for help. If the relationship is very violent you can also get help from the Police in the form of AVOs and the like. Now I know these are not a fence that suddenly pops up and stops the Abuser from getting to you but they are a deterrent as most Men do not want to go to Jail. Many of these Men have hidden this side of themselves from their workmates and friends and will not want it to become common knowledge, often this will be enough to keep them on the straight and narrow. There are the more controlling types that are extremely dangerous and in these cases I strongly urge that to escape these you must be ready for the fight of your life and get Professional help. Lifeline can advise you of the ways that are open to you. But you must get help do not put up with this because you think its the easiest way Your life is precious and nobody should steal it from you.

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