Cairns Hotel Reviews

Shangri-La CairnsShangri-LaRecently I have been staying in a few of the more popular and some quite upmarket hotels in Cairns just to see how they stack up in terms of design, cleanliness and service. Well! I have been really shocked as I would have thought given the number of tourists that pass through Cairns the standard would have been so much higher. I will start with the least desirable and work toward My number one Hotel.
5. The Mecure Harbourside this was the worst by far as there was bed bugs and the pool was under construction.
4. The Rydges Plaza the esplanade This Hotel had a great Restaurant the Coral Hedge brassiere is really good.
3. The Holiday Inn This was nice and the room was clean, front desk was very pleasant.
2. The Harbour Lights Hotel was very nice the price was quite ridiculous but the room was nice We stayed in a
1 bedroom apartment and found it clean and nicely presented. The room service menu was incredible I defy anyone
to find fault with this, you could have any type of cuisine from any country in the world.
1. The Shangri-la Hotel at the pier was without doubt the stand out The room was beautifully well-appointed the bath
was a great shape for everyone, the convenient location with the Piers Bars, Restaurants and great shopping right
downstairs along with the Happy and most friendly staff make the Shangri-La a must for your next trip to Cairns.
Earlier this month I went to Townsville and had the opportunity to stay at the Casino now the room was very nice and the view of Magnetic Island was beautiful however I am not sure were they learned to count but We were allegedly staying on the 14th floor which would have been lovely but there were only about 4 floors on the building so we were like on the second floor so confusing.
Another thing which I found very strange was the Buffet at Aqua Restaurant which surprisingly had no fish I really thought that with the theme of seafood as the name suggests I would of expected some fish but there was not one fish dish available. However I had a very enjoyable night and would recommend Jupiters Casino as a great place for your next trip to Townsville. I hope this has given a small insight into the quality of accommodation available in Cairns.