Darwin Kidnapping Disgraceful

I just cannot believe this story! A Kidnapping from a womens shelters? What a disgrace where is the security. This guy was released on bail after a road rage incident with firearms involved in Queensland. This is amazing to say the least, Now this poor girl has been kidnapped from a place that she should of been safe.
It i completely ridiculous that there is no security at these Womens Shelters as most of the Women in them are escaping abusive Partners and a lot of these guys do not take no for an answer as this incident has proven.

This is just a Womans worst nightmare and the reason many of these Women go to these places are that they do not feel safe in their own homes and to be taken from a safe house is just unthinkable.

I feel so afraid for this poor girl as Men like this will stop at nothing to make sure their “Woman” does not get away This type of Crime involving the kidnapping of a spouse often does not end well. Someone must stand up to help Women in these abusive relationships as Many of them have their lives threatend every day and after this they will think twice about going to seek help as it is just not safe for them to do so.

I think there should be an overhaul of the Shelters Security after this incident so that other Women can feel safe. It is a terrible thing to be frightend 24/7 and No Woman should need to feel this.
I pray that Monique will be found alive.