Don’t Hackett.

Last night I watched the interview with Grant Hackett on Sixty Minutes now none of us still know what actually caused this melt down. In his defence it does usually take two to have an argument. However during The interview on a number of occasions Grant stated that no one was hurt during the rampage. I do not agree with this as I have been on the end of many such Experiences and weather you are physically hurt or not does not lessen the Mental effect of such a rampage. Because by his own admission he singled out a lot of Candice’s Belongings to trash which is a personal attack and very distressing to witness. Not only do you feel helpless but very intimidated and frightened. I also find it very difficult to believe that this was the first time this had happened, maybe to this extent but not overall. To some Men this is used as punishment for some perceived or actual wrong doing on the part of the Women. So to say that nobody is hurt is a complete crock as far as i am concerned.

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