Is Bogan The New Black ?

I was standing in line at the Bank the other day which is a good place to see all walks of life, I was amazed at the large number of Women who Dressed worse than if they were gardening. I was always taught to look presentable whenever you left the house, make sure your hair was brushed and you had shoes on was a must however the dress standard or lack of it today is nothing short of appauling. I see Women out there in Shorts that are made to fit someone 2 sizes smaller with no shoes on at all. Now rubber thongs are a pet hate of mine I just cannot see how they do anything for a womens appearance at all however these Women have not seen fit to even bother with the rubber thongs. I realize that not everyone cares how they look but it is only good Manners to were shoes in public. It is not only Women who are guilty of these fashion disasters Men are also guilty. Now I don’t know about the rest of you but walking down the street and having some Beer Bellied Guy comming towards you with Just his Stomach Hair for a shirt is not a turn on. When I was growing up Etiquette was that a Man should wear a Shirt when in Company or when out in Public, seems all these common decencies have been left behind with our Manners. It is interesting to note that this is becomming common practice as recently as last week the word Bogan has been added to the Oxford Dictionary no definition needed I already know what that means.

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