Mechanical Problems

My Camry

I wonder just how many Women out there find this same problem, Recently I had some car issues and needed to get some Mechanical work done to my now 23 year old Camry. I have spent so much money on this car in the last 10 years and it shows she looks as good today as 23 years ago. However I have the same problem no matter where I go Mechanics all treat it like an old car and repairs are never done properly and I am constantly returning time and again to get things fixed properly as they are of the opinion that because the car is not a “New” car that it is not worthy of the attention to detail that they lavish on someones BMW. However I usually pay cash and money is not the issue to me I would not care I just want the job done well as I will be keeping my car as this to me is much better than some plastic Car. I think life would be a lot easier if I had chosen to keep a Classic Car instead of a 1989 Camry but as a Small female it is not practical for me to have some over sized yank tank. Besides I love it and that is what matters to me.