Morning Shower

Guessing this has probably not happened to many people but it happened to me this morning. As a blogger these things can make your page just that bit more personal. My alarm went off at 5am and I got up and headed for the shower, as we live in an older style Cane Barracks the shower is downstairs in the laundry. Things were going well until I got into the shower and looked up to see this small cute Bat hanging from the roof. Still half asleep I did not think that soon it would fly. So when it did things got very exiting with the door closed but not locked I tried to move towards the door to open it but Terrified by now the bat was flying eradically around the bathroom,And there I was hiding behind the shower curtain calling my Jack Russell terrier Bundy hoping he would push the door open so it could fly out this took a few minutes but finally he did push the door open and come in but not far enough, as he sat there watching the bat swoop and fly around the bathroom I made a desperate dash for the door and got it open and the poor bat flew away. I must say this was quite unusual I have had Spiders and Snakes in the bathroom before but Bats are something new. Afterwards all I could do was laugh it would have looked really funny but at least by then I was wide awake. I have a lot of money making ideas on this page but without the everyday things it would be way to boring i hope to keep people
amused with the odd and sometimes amusing things that can happen in everyday life.