New Laws On Domestic Violence.

Now for some good news, From Today there has been new laws brought in regarding Domestic Violence and not before time either. These laws now make Stalking your Partner, Withholding money from them , Taunting a partner or Harming the Family Pet a crime under the Domestic Violence Law this is a big step forward in my books as these are all ways that victims are controlled and kept in these relationships. Of the many women I have spoken to who have endured these types of violent relationships these 4 types of abuse have been used as a tool to strip every last ounce of courage that they had left. These are often used even by partners that are not normally abusive as a tool to make the other stay in the relationship I know of many people on breaking up that have threatend the Family Pet which to me is on a Par with threatening a family member and I am so pleased that the law has recognised this as Domestic Violence.

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