A New Phase

DSCF0157.jpg2Today is the beginning of a new phase of Saldary’s Lifestyle and that is The natural and Mystical side of farmlife.
Recently My family and I have moved to a Farm. Now there has always been a Mystical side to me but the tranquility and the beautiful surroundings have made this part of me come to the fore. Now having grown up in a very remote area has given Me many of the smarts necessary to deal with the many things that farmlife may throw at you most of which just requires common sence and a strong resourceful Man. Both of which I am happy to say I have.
Now people think “oh you live on a farm, don’t you get bored”? Well let Me just say NO there is so much to do as I have 3 lots of Chickens to look after a vegetable garden which if you are serious about a self sufficient garden requires a lot of work to prepare the ground before planting and to keep it nourished while it grows. A compost bin is a must and with no rubbish collection there is the sorting of all household garbage all vegetable scraps go to the chickens while all animal products and animal manure and lawn clippings and trimmings go into the compost bin to decompose and make nutrient for the vege garden. Because of the wet climate in Far North Queensland the first thing that was needed for a successful garden was a weatherproof hot house to stop the garden becoming too wet during the months of rain that usually come around Christmas time and into the New Year. I am a firm believer in trying as much as possible to stay organic and this is very difficult with the many pests that come with the monsoonal rain. However so far so good everything seems to be going like clockwork.
I have found by using mulching hay it encourages small lizards to live among the seedlings and eat any bugs. Well that is an overview of the direction Saldary’s Lifestyle will be taking in the future. This does not mean that I will not be speaking My mind on any topic that inflames the writer in Me.