Offensive! “Please”



Offensive! “Please”. What is becoming of people? Listening to the News, Talk shows, Tv and radio in general, the question must be asked just what is with all the whining about absolutely everything. Today there was an outcry over the Prime Minister touching a disabled person on the head, all very innocent really but not when some over sensitive person decides that to them it is offensive! “Please”. How is this offensive? He touched Her head for crying out loud.
Then there are all the sports players who think that every time someone says something they don’t like it is Racist again I say “Please”. Stop thinking that the whole world is out to get you and get a backbone, despite the fact that you may think that everyone who has something unflattering to say is a racist. NEWS FLASH this is not so, it could be that White, Black or Brindle you do look different. Everyone is entitled to His or Her opinion. I don’t go screaming racist every time someone says something demeaning to me, try thinking outside the square and look for another reason rather than hiding behind race, disability or gender all the time. Everyday there is some new outraged person complaining about some perceived wrong. If you go around thinking that everything people say is directed at you because of your ethnic background, religion, colour or disability maybe you should get some proffessional help. Because “SURPRISE” people do say things that mean different things to different people and are most likely not directing their comments at YOU.
I am not so ignorant as to think that discrimination and racism do not exist but I do believe that to many people make too bigger deal about some things that are really very trivial.
In doing this when a real case comes along it is like the Boy who cried Wolf save your outrage for justified cases and don’t trivialise this serious problem.

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