Whitney the beautifulZeusy the little BullZippy the wonder horseRed and his hensFresh produce from the gardenThe Pyramid at Gordonvale on dusk

Whitney the beautiful

one of our lovely girls

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Zeusy the little Bull

One of my little herd in the paddock near the house

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Zippy the wonder horse

Zippy mowing the lawn

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Red and his hens

Red and his hens freeranging

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Fresh produce from the garden

Lovely fresh vegies from the garden

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The Pyramid at Gordonvale on dusk

This is the Pyramid a hill that is situated outside of Gordonvale south of Cairns.

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Saldary’s Farmyard

Rupert and Rosy become Parents.

Rupert and Rosy become Parents.

Rupert and Rosy with Bundy looking in on them

Rupert and Rosy with Bundy looking in on them

This is where all the triumphs and tragedies of Farmyard Life will be detailed.
Chickens are the first animals to be added to the Family as they are very easy to
look after and We have started with Rupert and Rosie they are pure Brown Leghorns
purchased for a mear $20 from a poultry sale at nearby Atherton. I have also got an incubator
to get the family off to a great start.
To start with I put 8 eggs into the incubator as at this time I was sure I wanted to breed
only Brown leghorns. After 3 weeks Rupert and Rosie are the proud parents of 6 beautiful
baby Chicks. We have also finished the new chicken house and to help with the egg production
have rescued 6 old hens from the nearby chicken farm and now get plenty of eggs for the household.
I have since decided to go more into the show side of chickens and have settled on Orpington chickens as they are a
heritage breed that will give us both eggs and meat as well as being a very even tempered breed that will be good for showing. I have decided to send the Brown Leghorns to My Sisters Farm so I can concentrate on the orpingtons.

One of My BoysHere is an update on the Little Chicks that hatched back in October last year. I ended up with four Roosters and one Hen after months of waiting to determine the sex of the Chicks a bit disappointing but they are the most beautiful roosters and don’t cause any problems so I have kept them as pets.
I now have 9 hens including the old Hens that I rescued from the chook farm and most days I am getting 8 eggs a day this is way more than I need but they are always welcomed by my friends. I still have the big red rooster that I got at the markets as a Chick He is the head Rooster and looks nice with his Hens as they are all mostly red.
I have found that I had a rat problem in the nests and this put the hens off the lay this has been made worse by the nearly 2 months straight of wet weather. To rectify the problem I have used small wire in the bottom of the nests and then rapidset it into place along with some plastic to stop the rising damp that was keeping the straw damp and uninviting. A widely unknown thing about chickens is they are quite fussy about where they lay and if they deem it to be unsuitable they will not lay. Also the food is important as well a good quality laying mash or pellet is a must if you want regular eggs. Chickens will stop laying to malt as well. I will post more as the flock changes.

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Saldary’s Farmyard

This is where all the triumphs and tragedies of Farmyard Life will be detailed. Chickens are the first animals to be added to the Family as they are very easy…

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