Start living Your Life.

Start Living Your Life

Now I want to blog about something that unfortunatly I am all to familiar with and that is a controlling relationship,recently I had the opportunity to meet a very nice lady who has everything going for her but does not have a life of her own because of a controlling partner. This situation is much more common than people realise My own experience lasted 17 years I ask myself why did I wait so long to reclaim my life the answer is unfortunatly I was not ready to do so. This is the same for all women who are subjected to this type of abuse and yes that is what it is.
Everybody has the right to live their life and nobody Man or Women has the right to intimidate another human being for their own selfish purposes. This is never a easy thing to escape as with prolonged exposure the victim loses all sense of who they are and become what the Controlling Partner wants to avoid confrontation. The constant anxiety wondering what each day brings wears you down over time and especially where Children are involved most victims see the easy option is just to do whatever will keep the peice which I now know is like relinquishing who you really are and having no life at all. I was one of the lucky ones and did not have a family to consider this does make it much easier when you are ready to get your life back. Not all of these situations are untenable some can be helped with councelling however all should be taken on a case by case basis. To anyone who feels that they are in a Controlling relationship I would say seek help Lifeline are available 24/7 and are very supportive and confidential they are trained to give you the best advice. Many victims feel as I did that their Physical safety could be compromised if they try to seek advice from anyone, and are often issolated from family and friends to prevent others from telling you that this is not how life should be. All I can say is Life under these conditions is no life at all.
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