Whitney the beautifulZeusy the little BullZippy the wonder horseRed and his hensFresh produce from the gardenThe Pyramid at Gordonvale on dusk

Whitney the beautiful

one of our lovely girls

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Zeusy the little Bull

One of my little herd in the paddock near the house

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Zippy the wonder horse

Zippy mowing the lawn

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Red and his hens

Red and his hens freeranging

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Fresh produce from the garden

Lovely fresh vegies from the garden

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The Pyramid at Gordonvale on dusk

This is the Pyramid a hill that is situated outside of Gordonvale south of Cairns.

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Saldary’s pictures

Saldary’s Pictures are just a few pictures that I thought may give an insight into things that I find interesting. I love to take pics of all My little animals…

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Horoscope and Stuff

Horoscope Get the Free Popup Horoscopes by Zodiac Sign widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info) Get the Crones Magical Crafts widget…

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Saldary’s Farmyard

This is where all the triumphs and tragedies of Farmyard Life will be detailed. Chickens are the first animals to be added to the Family as they are very easy…

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