The Magick Of Dice

The Magick of Dice

I have been adding some wicca widgets to my site as this is something that has helped me cope throughout my life. I am an avid reader of the dice and believe it is a personal choice as to what suits the reader some use the Tarot my Mother prefers the Runes but i have an affinity with the Dice and find it to be very accurate. You may think that my blog is a bit unusual as one day I will write about Bipolar and the next casting the Dice but I believe that a Blog is to write about whatever you feel on the day.

This is why I called it Saldary’s Lifestyle as it is all about my life and the things that are important to Me. The spiritual side of life can for some people be very hard to accept, but as most follow the more mainstream Religions some of us follow the Wicca or Mistical side. I do not follow this as closely as I once did however I have come to a point in my life where I am returning to the Dice for guidance. At one point of my life the Dice ruled almost everything I did and I have the belief that more than once it saved my life.

In my previous Blogs I have outlined my struggles with a Bipolar Partner this resulted in some Suicidal thoughts rising from the feeling of hopelessness as I fully believed to attempt to end the relationship would have resulted in death for one of us.
The sad fact is that so many People are living this same nightmare everyday. I was one of the lucky ones who have a very supportive Family that finally enabled me to escape my nightmare.

I have been using Dice to seek advice for many years however I have not practiced this art for a few years now and have decided the time has come to return to the ways of the Dice. This art is not widely practiced and to my knowledge very few people actually use this form of devination.
If anyone has any questions regarding this please contact me as I would love to pass on what I know.