Tree Kangaroos in the wild

There is nothing more a relaxing than going out in the late afternoon or early morning and seeing the Tree Kangaroos around our house they are so cute.

Although they are quite clumsy and often can be heard falling to the ground from great heights they can also be very agile when climbing. The tree kangaroo has a lot in common with koalas in the way that they are quite lazy and sit in trees all day eating leaves and small fruits. I have been really surprised at how large the males can grow I was under the impression that Tree Kangaroos were only small however this is not the case I have seen some that are comparable with wallabies and weigh upwards of 10kg. The females are more often the ones that we see more often. They are very territorial and even though they are close to humans they will continue to stay because this is their home.
They are very inquisitive and will sit and watch us in the yard while chewing on leaves and flowers.
They are a placid creature and are not afraid even in the face of danger which is probably why they are so endangered.
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