Victims of Bipolar

Further to my last blog I would like to tell of some of my experiences with Bipolar Disorder. You will notice I have added a News entry to my blog which is related to Bipolar Disorder, this is something that is becomming more common and there are some very interesting developments in diagnosis and treatment. I have no medical background however I have lived with someone who had this Illness and would not seek treatment, to be on the other side can be the one of the most lonely places you could ever be. As with many Mental Illnesses it can be imposible to make the sufferer confront their problem much of the succesful treatment of this problem starts from childhood and a major factor in successful treatment starts with the Parents attitude. In my experience the Parents were completely in denial and thought the stigma of haveing a child with Bipolar would impact on their status in the Community and consequently chose to ignore even the most anti-social behavior from their son. However I beleive that with the correct medication He could have lived a normal life. To deny it as they did just caused it to get so much worse. This was my first relaionship and comming from a rural background I had no clue that the Mood swings , periods of depression and often violent behavior were not normal. The total feeling of helplessness and issolation were in the end what prompted Me to seek help for myself at this time I fully believed that it was all My fault. If I did not make Him angry i would not have to suffer the violent tantrums and have my stuff broken and my life turned upside down. Living with someone with Bipolar is the most unpredictable and terrifying ride you can take.
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