What’s with Fashion?

Could someone please enlighten me as to where this current trend of cutoff denim shorts with the pockets that hang lower than the legs has sprung from. Now I have looked at online fashion blogs and websites but I must of missed the “Dress like a homeless person” site because so many Gen Y girls have found it and absolutely nailed that look perfectly.

This look says nothing to me but Cheap. Some of these girls have Model bodies however dressed in this Daggy attire look like cheap Hookers. I have to wonder what their Mothers are wearing to set an example, if this is the way they think it is acceptable to look. I have seen some beautifully dressed young girls however the worry I have is that these are the exeption rather than the rule.

It seems to me that we are breeding a generation of Bogans that have no regard for Fashion or good taste in a few years what will our Fashion Industry be like, Hopefully there will be enough young Girls who can tell the difference between Rubber and Leather and learn that thongs belong on the beach only and are not a fashion accessory but indeed Beachware. I realize there is a certain amount of rebelion in the way Young people dress however I would have thought that this would have worn off by the time they are 25. Please take a look at yourself in the Mirror before you leave the house to go to the Mall, If you look as though you have been attacked by a savage animal then maybe rethink your choice of Clothing.