Who do you vote?

Well I have found that blogging is a great way to have your say on many subjects. Today all of Queensland are voting in Local Govt elections. I can’t really see why these elections in particular are compulsory as the policys of the candidates are not common knowledge and for the most part people are voting blindly. Unless you have a reason to find out about the candidates I think it could be detrimental for the Blind voter to vote as they have no idea who they are voting for and often make dessisions based on the sex of the candidate or just put anything on the ballot paper to get out of the booth at least with the State election the Policies of the parties were out there for everyone to see but I for one have no idea what the candidates in this election stand for. There have been many television commercials but none have really told us anything other than who they are and that they would be better than the previous Council which to be honest would not be hard. Well i really hope that for the people of Cairns that someone with insight and a knowledge of Business wins today so we can see some jobs created and that local Business can have some hope for the future as the economy in Cairns of late has been very Bleak. Special thanks to MJ Milan for the picture.